Student Database

2018 Student Data Count Sample’s
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Engineering Coaching Institute 78236 Click Here
Medical Coaching Institute 90181 Click Here
Foundation 17022 Click Here
Click Here
Karnataka Class 12th Science 105000 Click Here
Bangalore CBSE and ICSE 7500 Click Here
Jaipur 10+11+12th class 20k Click Here
Telangana Narayana 12th(17-18) 31800 Click Here
Andhra Narayana  12th(17-18) 45433 Click Here
Karnataka 12th 121785 + 346044 Click Here
Telangana Final Engin.(17-18) 77515 Click Here
Andhra Final Engin.(17-18) 99993 Click Here
CG Pass Out 17-18-19 75000 Click Here
Engg Pass in 2018 GTU 50,000 Click Here
2017 Student Data Count Sample’s
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Cpt / Ipcc 1.0 L Click Here
Karnataka PGCET 25066 Click Here
Karnataka MAT 7593 Click Here
Karnataka PUC 29808 Click Here
IBPS new file 2016 Click Here
DAVV UG Entrance 10162 Click Here
DAVV PG Entrance 5883 Click Here
IP Btech 20500 Click Here
Bangalore Graduates
10K Click Here
Tamil Nadu Science 1.63 L Click Here
JEE (market file not reliable) 11.0 L Click Here
Neet (market file not reliable) 1138890 Click Here
IP bcom 13000 Click Here
IP law 8500 Click Here
ATMA 5933 Click Here
IP bjmc 3000 Click Here
IP mba 2600 Click Here
IP mca 2500 Click Here
CLAT 36000 Click Here
IP bba 15700 Click Here
IP bca 6600 Click Here
ip 2017 bba entrance 10k to 25k rank Click Here
Jee Students (MF) 2.16 L (1.4 L) Click Here
Gujarat B Group Biology 70K Click Here
May Mat 2950 Click Here
Rajasthan CBSE 12th (16-17) 21382 Click Here
Karnataka CET (Engi and Medi) 186754 Click Here
Mumbai 12th Science (16-17) 58915 Click Here
Nagpur 12th Science (16-17) 16074 Click Here
Andhra Pradesh ICET 69777 Click Here
Gujarat 12th Biology (16-17) 58073 Click Here
Gujarat 12th Maths (16-17) 63490 Click Here
Andhra Pradesh ECET 35249 Click Here
Maharashtra NTSE 81503 Click Here
AP Medical EAMCET 81078 Click Here
AP Engineering EAMCET 198205 Click Here
Medical Coaching Institute (16-17) 58248 Click Here
Engineering Coaching Institute (16-17) 58209 Click Here
Foundation Course Institute (upto 10) 25094 Click Here
Maharashtra MBA CET 88227 Click Here
Tamil Nadu 12th Std (16-17) 861392 Click Here
Odisha 12th Science (16-17) 73062 Click Here
Madhya Pradesh 10th Std (16-17) 269081 Click Here
Punjab 12th Science Student
Punjab 12th Commerce Student
Punjab 12th Arts & Vocational Student
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Bihar 12th Biology
Bihar 12th Non Biology
Bihar 12th CBSE
Click Here
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Bihar 10th Students 1047679 Click Here
Jee Coaching 90000 Click Here
Pg Neet 12400 Click Here
Feb Mat 29371 Click Here
Cmat 59181 Click Here
DAVV Uni. Indore, Final Y Graduates BBA, B.COM, BHM 27074 Click Here
DAVV Uni. Indore, Final Y Graduates – BCA – B.Sc 16342 Click Here
DAVV Uni. Indore, Final Y Graduates- Arts 15911 Click Here
Kerala Final Year Graduation (16-17) 27153 Click Here
Himachal Pradesh 12th (Science – Medical) (16-17) 6041 Click Here
Himachal Pradesh 12th (Science – Non Medical) (16-17) 11489 Click Here
Himachal Pradesh 12th (Commerce) (16-17) 8273 Click Here
Himachal Pradesh 12th (Arts) (16-17) 26622 Click Here
Telangana 12th MPC-Narayana Institute (16-17) 25521 Click Here
Telangana 12th BPC-Narayana Institute (16-17) 2725 Click Here
Andhra Pradesh 12th MPC-Narayana Institute (16-17) 37352 Click Here
Andhra Pradesh -12th BPC-Narayana Institute (16-17) 3964 Click Here
Madhya Pradesh 12th-Non Comm. & Sci. 100590 Click Here
Madhya Pradesh 12th-Commerce 48588 Click Here
Madhya Pradesh 12th-Maths 64205 Click Here
Madhya Pradesh 12th-Biology 74639 Click Here
XAT 66000 Click Here
Madhya P. 12th
Madhya P. 10th
3.2 L
3.5 L
Click Here
Karnataka 10th 7.5 L Click Here
2016 Student Count Samples
DEC. MAT 26000 Click Here
Karnataka 12th Students
Students who have filled
Application Forms
Click Here
Telangana Final Engineering 83998 Click Here
Andhra Pradesh Final Engineering 108869 Click Here
Sep MAT 2930 Click Here
IBPS File (Post Office Probationary Candidates) 2458300 Click Here
CCS GRADUATES 55000 Click Here
CLAT (Common Law Admission) 38000 Click Here
BHU (Banaras Hindu Ayurveda ) 8500 Click Here
Neet students database 93000 Click Here
Neet 1 & 2 (Market Files) 5.35 L (Market Files) Click Here
Neet App. No. (Market Files) 11 L (Market Files) Click Here
AP / Telangana ICET students 66663 Click Here
Bangalore Bcom graduates 10000 Click Here
Bihar Jharkhand science Student 90000 Click Here
Delhi ip bba Student 18000+655 Click Here
Delhi ip bca Student 6500+197 Click Here
Delhi ip bcom Student 14000+720 Cl ick Here
Delhi ip btec non qualified 7200 Click Here
Delhi ip hotel managment 1870 Click Here
Delhi law unqualified Student 724 Click Here
Delhi ipu mba Student 6200+150 Click Here
Delhi 10+2 Students 32000 Click Here
UPTU  Students Database 1.60 L Click Here
Delhi B-tech ip univ. 48000 Click Here
AP Medicine With rank 87705 Click Here
AP-ICET  Students 66663 Click Here
Telangana-ECET  Students 26602 Click Here
Raipur CG 10+2 Student 28000 Click Here
Himachal P. 12th Pass-out Students 52783 Click Here
May Mat Database 2718 Click Here
UP 12th Pass-out 660114 Click Here
Gujarat B Group Science Students 66534 Click Here
AP EAMCET Engineering Students 43456 Click Here
Maharashtra 12th Science Students 48095 Click Here
Mumbai 12th Commerce Students 54749 Click Here
Tamil Nadu 12th Science Students 13608 Click Here
Kerala 12th 2016 Students 44981 Click Here
Orrisa 12th 2016 Students 72877 Click Here
AP Polytechnic 132376 Click Here
AIEEE / JEE Students 9.7 L Click Here
AIPMT Students Database 2.5 L Click Here
Odisha-CBSE Maths-Science 45-K Click Here
Kerala Engi., Archi., Medi. (KEAM) +2 1.2-L Click Here
Maharashtra MBA CET 74-K Click Here
AP & Telangana 12th MPC 85-K Click Here
Aipmt coaching institute 57K Click Here
Feb-mat 2800 Click Here
Jee coaching institute 53-K Click Here
Punjab 10+2 2.4-L Click Here
MP-12th Students 4.5-L Click Here
XAT 2016 Students 56-K Click Here
Narayana inter mpc Students 24-K Click Here
Srichaitanya inter bipc Students 30-K Click Here
Karnataka 12th science Students 1.0-L Click Here
Karnataka 12th commerce 1.1-L Click Here
AP PG Medical Students 15-K Click Here
Karnataka 10th Students 6.0-L Click Here
2015 Student Count Sample
BE Passout Database 35000 All Sample’s
CAT DEC Students 3000
CAT Database 44715
Andhra & Telangana Final Year B.Tech 2,71,671
Andhra Pradesh EAMCET Medical 81009
Telangana Medical Eamcet Students 72795
Telangana Engineering Eamcet 90556
Amupmdc Student 35000
May Mat Database 2792
Telangana Icet 69156
Andhra Pradesh ICET Database 78,264
Andhra Pradesh EAMCET Engineering 1,62,666
Andhra Pradesh 12th Standard MPC 1,85,600
Telangana 12th Standard MPC 1,46,459
Uptu (Uttar Pradesh) entrance for BTEC admissions 181000
Jee (Aieee) Students 1160000
MH mba cet Students 57218
Xat Students 57906
Snap Students 30500
Atma Students 1600
Ahmedabad 12th 31000
Feb MAT Students 11600
IBSAT Students – 19700
FEB CMAT 2015 19500
JEE (12th pcm students) 20100
Hyderabad 12th Intermediates 28000
Orissa Intermediates 12th 101750
Orissa Graduates 105000
Madhya Pradesh 12th 4.0 L
Himachal Pradesh Intermediates 60000
AIPMT Medical student 41000
Andhra Pradesh 149034
2014 Student Database Count Sample
Feb Mat students 5000 All Sample’s
MAT December 20100
CAT Students 23000
Chhattisgarh Engineering Students 30000
Rajasthan Intermediate 62000
Andhra Pradesh 12th Students 53000
Madhya Pradesh 12th Students  490000
Punjab 12th Passout Students 235000
Cat Students 68000
Mht Cet Maharashtra Students 45000
WBJEE Engineering Entrance 100000
Andhra Pradesh ICET Students 44455
Aipmt Student Database 285000
Gujarat Degree 27222
Gujarat diploma 64899
Orissa Final Year 57120
Uttar Pradesh Graduates 70000
MAT Students Database 5000
12th for Delhi and Ncr Schools 20000
Eamcet Student Database 260000
Medical student database 107000
RPET Students Database 54000
Andhra Pradesh PGECET 30000
Andhra Pradesh ICET Students 44455
Andhra Pradesh B.Tech Final Year Graduates 200000
2013 Student Database Count Sample
Cat 50390
Mat sep. 1700
2012 Student Database Count Sample
Aieee 300000
Eamcet 273000
Aipmt 225734
Kmat 5700
Atma 2600
Mat feb. 50500
Mat may 1200
AP Icet 125000
Cat 118600
Xat 49960
Cat maha. 28400
2011 Student Database Count Sample
Lucknow Graduate 8900
Kerala Engineering 3826
Tamil Nadu Graduate 20000
Karnataka Engineering 6344
Andhra Pradesh Engineering 5644
Mat dec. 48600
Mat sep. 3971
Rmat 3000
Karnataka PGCET 39415
Kmat 7500
Mat may 01 5400
Mat 02 4900
Mat 03 11968
Xat 16600
Mat feb 10000
2010 Student Database Count Sample
Fms Entrance Exam 46000
Mat Dec 10600
Ims Cat 61000
Snap 69347
Mat Sept 5626
Karnataka Pgcet 15000
Kmat 4425
Upmcat 30900
Rmat 9600
Andhra Pradesh Icet 150800
Mat May 15000
Mat Feb 01 85000
Mat Feb 02 85000
Xat 29000
2009 Student Database Count Sample
Mat Dec 01 96038
Mat Dec 02 32294
Mat Dec 03 23943

As an Indian database company, we keep update with new and fresh upcoming Student Database with mobile number and email address form time to time and as per passout years of various categories  as per our client need. We are vendor and supplier of quality and premium student database with full detail.

There are many categories if student database:
neet, aipmt, aieee, jee, cmat, cat, mat, xat, gujcet, passout, graduates student, 10+2 class, college,  school student, college stream like commerce science arts, aspirants student database like mba, medical, engineering, student for engineering aspirants, B tech, m.arch, B.E, snap, pgcet, upcmet, state board student data, pgecet, gpat, ceep, cet, eamcet, ecet, medical pg aspirants, final year graduation student, gate, Inter bipc, Inter mpc, icet, pgcet, kcet,, university data, mca, m.e, undergraduate data of students, any student data for aspirants in further exams.

Student database is very importance as this is the fresh and newly collected data which can be use for many ways for marketing. Many admission agencies provide free education selection program for marketing, which can be benefit for students as, this can help to build their future in choosing the right path for education. This type of data collection is also know as leads generation work.

Student database is collected and trace by various method and means like online portals, admission providing website, manually collected form school and college by stalls, interested student for making their resume, survey and analysis conduction companies, and activities related to collect genuine student data.

This student database if not only beneficial for institutes or colleges but even for student too. as they get many offers to choose in a same time. This student database which contain mobile number and email address, which can be of student parents, as many parents use their detail in filing forms.

All student database are collected in excel format with name, email, mobile, pincode, state board name, admission receipt number, school name, date of birth, board name, passout year or exam appearing year, submit time, fee status, etc, as data mention exam sheet chart.

Student database should be genuine or else there will be no response for email marketing, sms services or data calling. today many companies who make products which are related to students are making use of this database like stationery, books, school cloth, vacation activity programs, extra classes for summer camps, etc.

mba aspirants data : this database is of students who want to take admission in any type of mba institutes or university in india. they are graduate by,, commerce, etc. they have passout from college or any exam.

medical aspirants data : this database is of students who want to get admission in medical stream after passing their study in science stream or exams like neet, aipmt, etc

management aspirants data : this database is equal to mba stream. management are of different types like banking, finance, investments, hotels, real estate, etc. this student want to appear in corporate companies.

engineering aspirants data : this database is of those students who want to become engineers from passing out in science stream like aieee, jee, etc.

10+2 student data : this database contain details of students who have just passout 10th  or 12th class. this data even has detail of parents.

final year student data : this data can be of any college exams. it can be for local state or central board.

graduate student data : if any student has pass exam after +2, they are call graduate.

college students data : college can be o any stream science, commerce, art.

school student data : school count is mostly of 10 and 12 passout.

State board students data : there are many exams, some exam are coordinate centraly and some by local state board. local admission agencies and agents prefer mostly local board exam result data

Student data exam are conducted around all month of year : january, february, march, april, may, june, july, august, september, october, november, december.

Student database detail is available by city or state wise :  Bihar, Haryana, Maharashtra, Kerala, West Bengal, Gujarat, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Karnataka, Jharkhand, Assam, Rajasthan, Orissa, Tamil Nadu, Andrha Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Arunachal Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Goa, Himachal Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Hyderabad, Itanagar, Guwahati, Patna, Delhi, Raipur, Panaji, Vasco da Gama, Gandhinagar, Ahmedabad, Chandigarh, Faridabad, Shimla, Srinagar, Jammu, Ranchi, Jamshedpur, Bangalore, Thiruvananthapuram, Kochi, Bhopal, Indore, Mumbai, Imphal, Shillong, Aizawl, Kohima, Dimapur, Bhubaneswar, Chandigarh, Ludhiana, Jaipur, Gangtok, Chennai, Agartala, Lucknow, Kanpur, Dehradun, Kolkata.

You can contact us and drop your mail id for getting update on regular base for student database. we are pioneer in updating student leads with fresh upcoming database list with mobile numbers and email address.

We have Student database for each categories and year.

Engineering Student database :-
Aieee or Jee is student test organised by cbse for engineering entrance examination for student who want to participate in further higher education institutions in india. This Aieee / Jee student exam is held for all india candidate appearing.

We provide Aieee student database with mobile and email id list, is also known as Jee. This database has the detail in excel format with name, admission number, address, mobile, email, city, pincode, state as available in format.

Aieee / Jee student information is useful for companies who provide educational services like management. they can contact this student of aieee or jee for visiting their office for admission in their colleges.

This type of database services is also helpful to the latest and new aieee, jee student as they also get to know about more attitudes and have a appropriate and better option for themselves as they want.

This Aieee/Jee engineering appearing student database is available with state code and pincode wise.

This engineering students database is collected from 10+2 passout student who want to do study higher education in engineering field and want to be future engineers.  This engineering database is mainly form aieee or jee mail or ug exam passout student.

This engineering students database are in excel form by mobile number and email address id list with name, state or city detail or with pincode.  we do have local exam conducted by state  board of 10+2 students.

This engineering students database supply source is form various methods like engineering entrance text, manually or by survey companies, online website of form filing for education admission in different courses. student apply with their detail and getting response for detail of direct admission with time period and course or college fees like post graduate or graduate careers in Management, m.phil, phd, architecture, biotechnology, chemical, computer, electronics and electricals, iit, mba, law, b.ed, m.ed, pgdbm, ca, cs, mca,, pgdca, mds, pgdhrd, bba, bca, automobile, cse, mechanical engineering, eee, civil engineering, ece, cse, mbe,, icwa, polytechnic and degree to diploma cources, computers, etc.

Our engineering students database help to our clients to get their target audience without wasting money and time.  as they get the student who are interested in their course studies, as we bifurcate all 10+2 student form medical and engineering in early stage.

We provide services of bulk sms and mass email marketing to this engineering student database for generating leads.

We are seller of this engineering student database to the companies who are dealing in direct admission for engineering colleges or school or institutes as an consultants or consultancy firm throughout india or overseas. we do not sale data for spam purpose for sms adverting or mass mailing.

10 +2 Student Database :-
we have 10+2 students school database of entire indian state and cities.

This 10+2 students database is collected for various source like entrance exam of engineering students and medical students. as after 10+2 students try to enter for courses they want to do for higher education. if there is any student want to make carrier in engineer line, they will apply for his related aspirants text like aieee, jee. or if they want to build their carrier in medical line then, will apply for medical aspirants text like neet, aipmt.

This 10+2 student database exam is connected for all india base by cbse, icse or any similar aspirants institutes, where 10+2 student database apply with detail form fill-up of name, mobile number, email address, pincode and state board detail from where they apply.

This 10+2 students database is genuine and verified. beside this they are other source of mean like cat, mat, xat, cmat, and some internal state board entrance test.

if you want to buy or purchase you can mail us or reply in below comment box. we do not sale this +2 student database to anyone we sell only to the colleges or institutes for education guidance for carries

MBA student database :-
We have mba student database with mobile number and email id list. this mba student database is of those person who are passout in 10+2 or graduate form college and want to do higher education and admission in mba course offering school or institutes.

This mba student database source is form various entrance exams for students like cat, mat, xat, cmat, website offering online service for direct admission in mba courses, seminar and survey conducting companies, etc.

This mba student database is offer to the consultancy companies and consultants who provide direct admission in mba business schools. we do not sale to the peoples who wan to buy this mba student database for products or services marketing purpose like bulk sms or mass email marketing.

Mba is an management filed related to engineering work. mba is a post graduate (pg) degree in business administration carrier. mba is done for getting higher value jobs in any big  multi national companies with high salary. now a days many students prefer to do mba after their 10+2 or graduated studies.

This mba students exam is conducted every year in december february may. hence this mba student database is needed or wanted in intervals. if you want to buy or purchase we can supply current time and fresh mba students data as latest exam result.

This mba student database is generated in pan india file. as this mba students exam is done on all india bases, hence separate or filter of mba student database as city of state wise is separated or filter manually. this mba students data is genuine verified and authenticated by tele-calling.

Neet Student Database :-
Neet ug is a medical appearing candidates student database from all india. Neet full form is National Eligibility Entrance Test. This neet exam is conducted every year. This neet student undergraduate test are conducted by the cbse examination board for all indian young people.

This is an entrance test exam for qualifying for any medical course like postgraduate course of md or ms, mbbs, dental course, diploma, bds, etc.

After student succeed in neet examination, they can apply for any government college or institutes which can be private medical colleges also in any part of India.

Before it was difficult for Neet UG medical student for choosing from various college and institutes, as they cannot get in touch with every one. But now because of neet medical student database  provider and vendors, as they are contacted from many medical institute for study careers course.

By this neet student get to know the medical colleges and institute fees and course details. if they want they can accept or can go for –

Uptu students database :-

We provide serveries of supplying of uptu students database of mobile number and email address list. uptu full form is called Uttar Pradesh Technical University.

Uptu student database is provided in excel sheet with detail of name, phone mail, and other information. this uptu student database is conducted from local board of uttar pradesh state.  uptu is alo known as gbtu as now it is Gautam Buddh Technical University.

This uptu exam is connected every year for student in uttar pradesh. this exam is for 12 or +2 students for there admission in higher education of engineering or medical or management.

Medical Student Database :-
As out title page suggest we are supplier of medical student database of mobile and email list. this medical student database is collected from exam that is conducted for medical entrance test.

There are exam like neet, aipmt, etc. who are passout in 12 or +2 and want t do mbbs, mds, ms, pg diploma courses, bds,,, ph.d, dci, bhms, bams, nursing, b.phytherapy, etc.

There are many student who have passout from 10+2 and applied in various stream like science, commerce, art. we have segregated this medical students data form for our  customers to get benefit of target data, without wasting of time and money on bulk sms or mass email marketing.

We strictly provide this medical students database to those consultant or consultancy companies who want to give information and guidance for education admission in india or overseas. By this medical students also get benefit for choosing form various options available in current market. agency buy data for providing direct admission indifferent college or institutes to became doctors.

we do sale medical student database for junk or spam purpose. We sell medical student database in excel file, if you need marketing for generating new leads by bulk sms  or mass mailing, we can arrange by online option for adverting.