Hni Database

Types of Hni Database :-

Hni Database are of various Categories like

Salary Records :
* Old records
* New updated every Month

Car Records :
* State
* City
* Car Brand

Company Directory :
Corporate Companies, SME, MNC Company, Private limited and Public companies, etc

Field in Excel format :
In Car and New Hni mobile is available and in Old Hni u can get email id also, in directory it is as per the form field by corporate companies.

Rates :- cost price of old hni is fix. for new hni clients charge will be from 2 paisa to 10 paisa as per volume of buy and bifurcation of city or state. For regular buy price will be fix per month basis. Car price are from 30 paisa to 50 paisa per data, depends upon the sales or purchase date you want or not.