Email Marketing

Special Features of Email Sending Services :-

  • Easy web interface to write and send messages.
  • Manage Group with Import and Export.
  • Send Messages with schedule facility.
  • Trace your messages to see how many users opened your email.
  • Statistics with facility of viewed by messages and Url
  • Html email messages.
  • WYSIWYG Html editor facility to create your messages.
  • Attachments uploaded facility with maximum 100kb attachment.
  • Mailer uploaded on server with max.256kb
  • Validity: 3 month.


Email Count Rate of Emails INR
1,00,000 3.0 Paisa Rs.3000
3,00,000 2.5 Paisa Rs.7500
5,00,000 2.0 Paisa Rs.10000
10,00,000 1.5 Paisa Rs.15000



Best Bulk Email Service Provider in India

Who are we :

We are on the top list among best indian companies for email marketing campaign. We provide web base online email marketing services in bulk quantity.

Why Email Marketing is Important :

When you want to earn more money for your family, you need to increase your business, and when you are in search of cost effective marketing ways, email marketing will be in your first priority. As it is the cheapest and fastest shortcut to promote your business world wide in short time spam.

How is Email Marketing Done :

If you have idea of how email campaigns work than we have a easy method for you t use it. If you have no idea, than we can help you for how to do email promotions fr your business.

Advantages of Email Marketing :

When it comes to advantages of email marketing, the is count less points for sharing to our clients. When you will search deep for what is the best way for marketing,

Email promotion will be on top and best position in every way.
One click and reach to millions.
Get your business reach to direct customers.
Make Brand Value
Helps in seo of website for getting on first page
Get instant reply and increase business work
Lowest cost price and can be spend for getting highest return
No need for keeping Marketing department and team with high expenses

Cost and Pricing of Email Marketing services : 

Our rates of email services are low and less compare to other bulk email services providers in all india. Our email promotion services is genuine with high inbox delivery ratio. Our tips and technique can provide your high impact email marketing. You can get best price of high volume email marketing work. We are from those company who gives priority inbox email marketing.

Which company to choose work for :

We have high experience in the field of bulk email marketing services. We make easy for our clients to work with us. instant reply will be available all the time. After sale good services  is our vision. We provide satisfaction guaranty.  you can comparison before buy or purchase email marketing services for any companies.

Bulk Email Verifier Service India

We are and indian company who provide bulk email verifier service for database in small or mass quantity. We can verifier email database services in 24 hours from your given files.

Use and Benefit of bulk email verifier service :

Think, you have buy 10000 email and you do send mass email marketing on that camping after buying smtp or purchase of hosting servers and you get no reply. what will be the mail issue ?

    1) All Email address list is fake
    2) There is more than 70% email bounce ration
    3) Your smtp is fraud

Beside above detail if your are getting 50% bounce ratio of email address by your smtp hosting server, it  will have load and cannot delivery in inbox. so in this case you will not get benefit of even valid emails

Indeed of 10000, after verifying email address if you get just 5000 email, when use this for sending same bulk email marketing you will get higher inbox delivery and more reply.

Hot bulk email verify service work :

It is simple, you have to provide us your email files. we will take 24 hours to 48 hours depending on the quantity of email, in reply we will send you email which are collected after verified.

Most accurate email verifier service :-

there is no way anyone can give 100% guaranty and accuracy of email verify services. After email verifier also there will be some percent of un verified emails. but we provide by out side 100% accurate email verifier services.

Why choose us for bulk email verifier service :

Bulk email verifier service is available for cheap rates, so you can use and take benefit from it for better idea. Our bulk email verifier service is low cost price compare to there bulk email verifier service providers in india.

For More detail visit :-

email marketing shimla, bulk email campaigns service

we are indian company providing our service for bulk email marketing in shimla of himachal pradesh with all indian and world wide.

Now a days bulk email marketing campaigns service is must for any business doing person for getting aware of it business to the world and making as a brand name. As more people will get detail of your business you will get more inquiries.

If u will search in internet for cheaper and low cost price internet marketing system program you will find bulk email sending service is on the top and best prefer by all even on first bases.

our cost per sending email is very low rates compare to other bulk email service provider in shimla.

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bulk email marketing chandigarh, mass mailing campaigns

we are bulk email marketing company for sending mass email in and from chandigarh city of punjab.

Chandigarh is a big city where may people are coming online services. bulk email marketing chandigarh is not a new concept for internet promotional activities form long time. now people are getting aware in chandigarh for internet mailing activities.

We provide online website which is configer with email sending software which is free o cost with out any charges, in this we provide a login id and password of customer provided name in chandigarh.

you have to use email address of chandigarh or any place you want for uploading in bulk email site, you can manage detail with our free bulk emailing templates which is free for use by any one from bulk email website.

if you send any person for ding marketing in chandigarh, it will consume more time and big budget for marketing purpose. But in mass mailing system you can reach an get instant reply from just one click while sitting in your office or home.

As our bulk email marketing server and smtp are very powerful and its dedicated server with multiple ip address for getting email deliver in inbox.

we provide email reseller gateway in chandigarh for those people who want to do part time work in chandigarh for bulk email marketing as earn good side income. you can work part time or full time in chandigarh for doing email sending jobs.

Our Website :-

email marketing campaign services pune india

we are among the best and top bulk email marketing campaign services provider for pune maharashtra.

There are many email marketing advantages :-
cheap and affordable
easy to use
direct costumers
fast reply
targeted audience
work any time
less marketing department

If you have product or services to sell just send to many email users in pune or maharashtra and get reply with buying or purchase leads without send and marketing person visit office and promotion your business. You can sit in your office and can start communicate to other about your business  directly with our any third part involvement.

Many companies in pune are using more often bulk email marketing service from us. this mass mailing service consume a very less time.

If you are new in pune for doing start of bulk marketing campaign services, We will provide you all the rules and guidance regarding it.

Our mass mailing service in pune is ready to server your with tow different type of applications like 1) website base 1) software base. which every you like for bulk email doing in pune, you can use it

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bulk email marketing bangalore

If you are an companies or company form bangalore, and you want to start your business with small budget and want to pay less charge for doing marketing in initial base, than the best way of starting marketing campaigns is bulk email in  bangalore city of karnataka.

By mass email marketing in bangalore, you can know the reply about your products or services. bangalore is the fastest growing cities in india and bulk email sending is necessary now a day for getting direct boost of your business.

bulk email marketing bangalore is provided by two ways 1) bulk email software 2) web application. both are equivalent for using.

Bangalore city is a IT hub, and their are many internet working companies, where internet is a great medium to deal with. our bulk email marketing web application program is very easy to use. it work in four small steps.

1) upload contact
2) set email campaigns
3) send email campaigns to contact
4) monetized

if you cannot understand the way of doing bulk email marketing in for from bangalore, we will provide you direct help will full support online any time.  we are accomplished with best server mass mailing in all india. we also supply email sending jobs in bangalore.

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companies for bulk email marketing software in chennai

If you are in  chennai and looking for services like bulk email marketing and campaigns for chennai tamil nadu.

we provide an easy way of sending email form our dedicated server by an website of mass mailing service in all chennai and tamil nadu.

if you are any kind of companies form chennai and looking for growing business by bulk email in chennai or any where else, you can use our bulk email sending application program where you will be provided all function for contact upload, creating mail campaigns, sending email to any of your group unload, trace email statistics and open mail details.

bulk email is one of the cheaper and cheapest service among marketing strategy to start with. our bulk email campaigns is affordable and low cost price with in everyone budget charge.

we are looking forward for getting reply form you for bulk email marketing campaigns in chennai tamil nadu.

bulk email marketing hyderabad

we provide bulk email marketing for hyderabad city and all andhra pradesh state.

we sell bulk email marketing through our website. we provide login id and password for our bulk email marketing website in hyderabad. you can send bulk email marketing campaigns by your own or we will appoint a manger for getting your work done for hyderabad.

bulk email marketing essential for metro city like hyderabad for growing business.

Many companies in hyderabad can use bulk email marketing service like :- builders, it companies, jewelries, school, colleges, institutes, hotel, restaurants, demat companies, garment or apparel,  automobile, gifts & crafts, sweets making company, etc.

Our bulk email sender service for hyderabad is of two types :- with web base application and by bulk email software with smtp server.

Our Website :-

bulk email marketing uae, email campaign companies uae

We have develop email sending service website for send bulk email address at a time. with out blocking there personal email ids and ip address server.

You can operate our mass mailing website from any were in uae. we provide user name an password as login detail to you. you can upload your uae email address database and create email campaigns of your own and send it on just one click. you can also trace open rates and statistics after sending successful  mails.

Our email marketing strategy is setup with high performance smtp and vps mailserver for providing you email campaigns success rate as per its law and regurgitation.

high volume email marketing is not free of cost it comes with a low charge pricing as per email sending volume count you buy.  for high impact email marketing we provide various login details so u get high performance email marketing service.  our online website for bulk email in uae has is an high volume email marketing software base, which is easy message email marketing. you can compare email marketing service with other mailing provider in uae.

Our Website :-

south african email marketing companies, bulk email south africa

If you have buy or purchase south african email address database list, than you will need an bulk email marketing website which can delivery your detail of south africa email address data in inbox and not land in spam folder.

We have an white label online service software which runs on smtp or vps or dedicated server for making inbox deliverability of your mails.

Our bulk mail delivery solutions is faster as per plans you buy. we provide fast and high open rate email marketing effectiveness conversion ratio. we work as per email marketing ethics and laws. one email marketing expert executive will be provide to you for handing your problem facing during email sending service if you face.

Our express mailing service features with options of : Personalized Mailing, Director Mailer, Mailing Groups, Scheduled Mailing, HTML/Text support, Pictures, Attachments, Unsubscribe Link, Delivery Reports, Read Receipt Request, Email Priority, Import .XLS/.CSV files, Export .XLS/.CSV files, Remove Duplicate IDs, etc.

Mail us any time for getting free quote of cost charges and pricing of bulk email service in south africa for south african email address database.

Our Website :-

targeted email marketing india, affordable email marketing

If you are looking for less effort and more open rate in email sending service, we are company in ahmedabad working for our customers you fulfill requirement sending emails in inbox rather than in spam folder.

Email sending campaigns is a part of internet marketing technique, where you can get direct touch with your target audience for your business.  Email marketing is a result of direct marketing that runs on internet gateway by  website with own user name and password.

In our affordable email marketing, you can create your email campaigns in minutes and send you your email database list. targeted email is key objective of email marketing for indian marketers for making up brand value.

Our Website :-

email marketing vadodara, bulk campaigns company baroda

We are bulk email marketing in ahmedabad and we work as a provider of email campaigns company in vadodara or baroda.

Many companies in baroda are using bulk email account for sending email in bulk, as in google or yahoo you can send only 400 to 500 mails per day(24 hours).  In our bulk email service you can send unlimited emails in a day or an hour.  there is no limit in sending email service. you can send bulk mailing at your email at your time period. Our server will delivery you email campaigns in inbox for getting reply.

In bulk email promotion, we also provide complete target planning promotion for your business. we are amount the best email marketing campaigns company in all india, as we have high performance emailing server.

Our Website :-

bulk email marketing camping company surat

If you are doing business in surat and and ant to increase and expand in all india and world wide with in less time, than bulk email marketing camping  service will be benefit for you in getting instant business reply.

We are provider of bulk email marketing camping service in surat city with web based email application with inbuilt vps & smtp server. you can send your business proposal in mail with html or template to any one in any part of indian and world.

We will provide you email count in our bulk email sending account or user name with password.  when ever you send new email form your user, same count will be deducted for your main account. so when you want to re-purchase we will provide in your same account.

bulk email marketing camping in surat is boosting up in recent time. people are getting aware on email marketing server in surat. you can use email sending server by your side it is simple and easy. if you do not have time, we will provide you email sending manager or your need.

Our Website :-

email marketing services usa, best email campaign company

There are many operators and companies in usa, who are working as service providers for sending mass or bulk emails marketing campaign in usa for usa email address database.

We are at present located in india, as provide our best and top service for bulk  email marketing services for usa country. we have best high performance smtp servers hosted in our website which provide our customer a high ratio email marketing inbox delivery by your email address list.

Our two service for bulk email marketing work as :-
1)- create and running your own email campaign
2)- email campaign management companies

How you can send mass emails without spam :-
one ip address can send upto 500 email address list at a single time, we have more than thousand’s of ip address in our email marketing system website to let you email delivery in inbox.

How to send email in inbox instead of junk folder :-
After email solution for ip address, the main thing for not allowing email going in junk folder(spam), is to check and analyze email content which are related for spam guidelines. we provide free email content spam checker facility. email content spam check rating.

we provide private label email marketing services for our usa clients.

Our Website :-

email marketing campaign canada, mass email service

If you are in canada and  your are looking for company who can provide service for email marketing campaign in canada with canadian mass email service, than you are at right place.

We are an Indian company service provider who has a website for sending mass email marketing service for canada email address list. Many companies in canada are providing outsourcing work for bulk email service in india, and we are among than which take offshore jobs for bulk email sending work.

What our email campaign website offer to you:-
* Secure login user with full authority
* Unlimited contact list upload
* Unlimited email campaigns subject
* Unlimited email campaigns templates
* Function for like edit / send / phase / forward
* Check spam filters email campaigns
* email campaigns with unsubscribe link
* email marketing campaign results & reporting with opened & bounce ratio
* email marketing autoresponder
* email campaign images management
* email marketing campaign schedule option
* email marketing campaign statistics stats

there are many more function than above, in email sending website. we provide you full source and support bulk email marketing campaign in canada.

Our Website :-

email marketing companies sri lanka, email campaign services

We are service provider company in india for email marketing service for sri lanka email address campaigns.

Many email campaign companies in sri lankan now outsource their entire email marketing work in to indian companies. Our email sending work quality and inbox ratio compare to other indian mass mailing company is far more better.

You will find our bulk email marketing campaign service best and top, with full online support.

Features of bulk email marketing campaign for sri lanka :-
* Create email group for uploading sri lankan email list(remove duplicate)
* Create email templates and save for campaigns
* Free email address verifier online service
* Highly secure email sending service
* Low cost price and rates for big volume email buy
* Latest technology smtp server for inbox email delivery

Easy managmetn by our ulk email marketing campaign for sri lanka :-
* Email contact management
* Newsletter campaign management
* Instant report for email sending
* Send email at same time or scheduled time management
* free newsletter formats templates
* free email content spam management
* Any time access of login and logout control panel

Our Website :-

email marketing companies australia, australian email campaign

We are Indian company for bulk email marketing campaign service provider in australia for australian email addresses list.

There are many companies for bulk email marketing campaign services australia, many of then outsource email marketing work to india.

we are one of the Indian company who take offshore bulk email marketing campaign work form australian companies send bulk mail service as per there requirement. we provide bulk email marketing control panel  which i web based online software based application.

Features of bulk email marketing campaign for australia :-
* Web based email software application for easy access.
* Easy to upload contact list with duplicate email removal.
* Easy email content writing.
* Many templates and newsletter to choose with in.
* Instant email sending and scheduled email sending.
* Logout facility after sending mails campaign.
* Save email campaign and contact list

We are ready to help to 24×7 with full online support with our mailing system work. high performance powerful smtp server for sending big volume of australian email address with in a day and generating new business leads for australia business.

If you are looking for permanent solution for sending cheap and affordable email campaign service to australian email id and address list, we are awaiting for your response to server you with our best and top technical support.

Our Website :-