Mining Property For Sale

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Rajasthan Mining Opportunity, Mining Property For Sale In Rajasthan, Mining Companies for Sale in India

1. 95 bigha land mines. White marble. 4 room. Rs rseb connection. Tube well. Open mines. Well conditions white marble. Three side R.K.mines. rs 60 cr

2. 13 bigha plus land export quality green marble. 40 cr.

3. 650 bigha mines land. Lime stone. Quarts. Phelpspar. 25 cr.

4.12 bigha mines white marble. 6 bigha land lease. 6 bigha dumping yard. Jcb. L&T. Cps. 250 hp. Connection. 20 cr.

5. 100 meter × 100 meter mines lease. White marble. L&T. Wire set. 2 room. Crane. Running condition mines. 12 cr.

6. 24 bigha quarts mines lease. 2 cr.

7. 32 bigha land granite running condition mines.15 cr.

8. 4.5 hct. 50 year lease mines. Mica. Quarts. Phelpspar. 6 cr. All types marbles & menearls mines available. Best quality & large quantities.


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