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Sudhir Gupta’s ageing bungalow in Satellite was in urgent need of major repairs to the tune of lakhs. He was contemplating moving into rented premises for a year or two while renovating his house when he stumbled upon a plush new flat in Prahlad Nagar. After some discussion, 63 year-old Gupta bought the flat for much lesser than what his bungalow was worth, saving cash in hand and possessing a brand new home with enough add-ons. This is not a one-off incident. With land rates increasing and family size shrinking, a large number of people, especially elderly, are choosing flats over bungalows for all the benefits they offer.

World-class flats

The modern flats can give the biggest of bungalows a run for their money, be it in space, layout, decor or resources. Lounge area, temple, store, walk-in-wardrobe, servant quarter, et al, there’s nothing in a bungalow that cannot be replicated in present flats. Luxurious 3-BHK onwards, urban flats are often as lavish as five-star hotels.

Easy maintenance

It is no secret that independent bungalows require perennial maintenance. One has to be responsible for every little breakdown, which is quite a task if you consider labour problems and increasing costs. Now, compare this with apartments, where help in the form of plumber, electrician, etc., is just a call away.

More security

This is a prime reason why nuclear families and elderly prefer flats. With round the clock security and other houses on the same floor, you are ensured a vigilant atmosphere. In addition, it helps keep the door-to-door salesmen at bay.

Numerous amenities and activities

You only have to look at an apartment brochure these days to know that the amenities and activities they offer are no less than that at any posh club. From interior amenities like intercoms to outdoor activities like sports, swimming pool, gym and dance classes, to name a few, one has a plethora of options to keep oneself and children occupied and learn something new without having to step out.

Community living

At a time when families are often fragmented for education or work, flat societies offer a feeling of togetherness. As neighbours become extended families and the society garden, an extracurricular open space, residents of all ages find friends, company and support among others their age. This also makes the celebration of festivals a huge draw.

Domestic support

This is sure to please the ladies. With a huge number of flats comes a high number of domestic help. Job helps are a way of life in apartment blocks. Thus, there is easy availability of help for any sort of house work, washing or cooking, should you so desire.

Surbhi Sheth, Times Property, The Times of India, Ahmedabad