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Renovating the home could be exciting and when the results are being put up they may not satisfy you. It is not a one-day activity, it is a big planning game to bring an enthralling updation to your home and add value to it. It is not about rearranging bricks and changing the positions of your furniture and fittings, but it says that a thoughtful shift can give your home a new look with an addition value.

Big difference

Renovation is not always that big a thing which burns your pocket and busts your budget. A small change including design, materials, and look can cut costs without cutting corners. If you are planning to knock down your house and start from the beginning, it is an altogether different story.

Ventilating it more

Green living is not only a trend, but it is essential in an urban environment for a healthy life. Natural ventilation into living spaces induces comfortable living. So, while renovating your home, this point must be considered. Green surroundings, water elements like fountains pools, bamboo furnishings, and transitional spaces could help you breathe fresh. It will not only improve your health, but it will also help in cutting down the energy costs.

Avoidable mistakes

People tend to buy cheap materials while renovating, which later demand a huge pay. Another mistake is going wrong in measurements (even an inch or half an inch can make difference). Other mistakes that need to be avoided are skipping the pre-plan work, not taking into consideration the lighting, going too trendy, ignoring traffic areas, picking wrong paint for walls, forgetting safety measures, keeping your eyes closed while contractor is working, avoiding permits for insurance, padding unrealistic budget.

Boosting resale value

Remodelling can differentiate the meaning between ‘for sale’ and ‘sold out’. So, before knocking down the place, make sure that your upgrades will bring you returns. In BHK, the K holds utmost importance and so set it first in your renovation priority.

Konica Kamra, Times Property, The Times of India, Ahmedabad