Kalol near ahmedabad new property destination

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The significance of Kalol cannot be undermined given the fact that it connects some of the big districts in the state, namely Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar and Mehsana. Thanks to an impressive real estate growth in the area, Kalol has its share in the process of development in the past couple of years.

Talk to any person who has roots in Kalol and they’re quick to tell you how the face of Kalol has changed from an industrial vicinity to a modern city, replete with all modern amenities.

“Kalol has come a long way in the past five years. While earlier it was more of a service class industrial town, it now boasts of huge apartments, restaurants, cinema, etc,” says Sucheta Dave, a home maker from Kalol.

“Earlier it would take us a very long time to pass all the crossings to reach Kalol. Now, all the flyovers have made the journey shorter and smoother. Kalol itself has grown for the better. Though a sort of concrete jungle like Gota, Kalol has its own identity,” adds Tarsem Singh, senior GM with a leading plastic company based in Kalol.

The growth in industry at Kalol has led to a process of development in subsidiary sectors like real estate, education and entertainment.

The huge number of skilled migrant workers settling in Kalol has helped develop and increase the livability quotient of the area.

The crowd is cosmopolitan and the new apartments, luxurious. “My daughter is away in college which leaves just me and my wife at home in Ahmedabad. When I am in office, my wife is home alone all the day. Thus, I’m seriously considering moving to Kalol so that I can save travel time and we can be close to my office group,” says Ashwin Mehta, who travels to Kalol for work every day.

Surbhi Sheth, Times Property, The Times of India, Ahmedabad