Ultra Luxury Homes in Ahmedabad is New Trend

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Here’s what you can expect in 2016 to unfold in terms of luxury and amenities that will be offered to home buyers in coming days.

Ever imagined an apartment on the 20th floor having the luxury vehicle parked in front of the apartment or having a private swimming pool and a lavish garden balcony which offer an unrestricted view of the city with clean and fresh air?

Yes, these are the few things which the builders are planning to offer in the coming years. Till now one heard of passengers and goods or service elevators, now get ready for car and automobile elevators which will bring ones vehicles to ones door step on the higher floors. Elevated car parks are now commonly seen being used in parking lots to ease up the parking space chaos. Now builders will be offering parking lots at ones door step on the higher floors.

Lavish garden balconies are in trend. It has been seen apartments with private terrace garden on the higher floor which are usually called penthouses. How about a private garden on the lower floors which will give a feel of terrace? Pet spa will be one of the biggest attractions in this New Year. Though builders in Gujarat might not have tried this, but fur sure, this can be a USP for any luxury housing project. Multimedia and virtual reality screens: Ever imagined playing a golf in high-rise apartment?

Yes, virtual reality will bring golf course of international standard in the home where one can play golf like a master. This is going to be one of the biggest successes in this world of internet and technology.

Chetan Dattani, Times Property, The Times of India, Ahmedabad