Adalaj in ahmedabad is upcoming property location

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Adalaj is set to become the next big realty hub set amidst Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar.

This small outskirt is known across the globe due its magnificent step wells that are recognised by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Adalaj is on the northern front of Ahmedabad and falls between Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar.

Until recently, Adalaj was looked upon as an outskirt that connects to Kalol and was considered as the spot where Ahmedabad ends but rapid development in Ahmedabad has made it a part of the city. Adalaj can be called as one of the fastest emerging areas of Ahmedabad.

Possibilities of commercial developments in this area are at its peak due to its strategic location. Being situated amidst the two super developed counterparts, Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar, Adalaj has no option but to develop and get famous.

There are schemes of apartments and bungalows coming up in Adalaj. But the area is dominated also by the affluent class who buy plot of land and then build villa on it. The area that begins ahead of Vaishno Devi four crossing and stretches till Ring Road is Adalaj. Projects of builders of residential and commercial complex occupy 40 percent of Adalaj while the majority is the plot buyers and investors. Initially, it was the place for weekend homes and the rich and famous of the city had their farm houses in Adalaj.

But with ever growing population, speeding growth, increasing migration, the horizons of the city have expanded and Adalaj in last five years have been established as a developed area. The trend of plot buying is much in vogue in Adalaj. The service class sees this area as an affordable living option while the business class sees it as spacious outdoor that can be used to create dream home. So, Adalaj has middle class as well as upper middle class crowd and as the residents come up, the commercial development gets a trigger. Shops, stores, party plots, temples are spread across Adalaj. The famous BAPS temple and Trimurti Mandir are like the gems of this area.

Garima Malvanker, Times Property, The Times of India, Ahmedabad