Bank Auction Property Ahmedabad

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How to buy bank properties under auction ..

From the buyer’s perspective, the banks properties for sale in Ahmedabad or any other city are fixed. There is no need to negotiate. When the banks are involved they handle all the paperwork and documentation. All the buyer’s headaches are gone. The prices are almost 30% less then the normal market rate. The government guidance value makes it a fixed price value. The number of bidders is less in such cases.

If you are looking for bank property auction Ahmedabad, we have the required listings. The reserve price is also mentioned. It helps the buyer to decide and check out the property. The details of the property are also given to help the buyers. The reserve price is the bare minimum price that cannot be negotiated at all. One needs an EMD or earnest money deposit. It also is called good faith deposit. It is the amount required before auction begins.

These days, many banks have ATMs in their premises. But some branches may not have the space. Hence they can get atm or bank premises for rent Ahmedabad. A bank needs about minimum 80 sq ft space for the atm. Such properties are good for investors who have ready cash to buy them.