Study Abroad in Russia


Name Of Univercity Grade City
Ryazan Medical University B+ Ryazan
Russia NRM University AA++ Moscow
Crimea Medical University B+ Crimea

Medical education in Russia for Indian students
Medical education in Russia will last for 6 years if you are an Indian undergraduate MD or MBBS. The curriculum for the first two years will remain the same. The subjects include fundamental medical sciences and preclinical medical sciences. As an Indian student, your specialisation will start in the third year of the degree course. You need to study propaedeutics, pathology, biochemistry and some of the special subjects depending upon the orientation. The main purpose of studying in Russia is the introduction of the new approach with respect to the training of paediatricians and internists, which implies two years of continued primary specialisation, that is, one year in the institution and another year just after graduation. The medical education in Russia thoroughly covers the general medical education, that is, about 5 years.

Why to consider studying in Russia?
Russia has great distinction in the Higher Education. Over 18000 doctors conduct lectures on a regular basis and they even make constant effort to develop the scientific trends and advanced technology. The Russian medical degree has now topped UNESCO and WHO ranking and so they are globally acclaimed. The Indian students can take admissions in WHO and UNESCO recognised institution for gaining top quality medical education. There is no entrance fee required, no donations required and the process of admission is very easy.